2021.07.16 21:30〜 Music Salon in Japan Songsテーマ【夏の想ひ出】

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Hi, how’s everything? Here in Japan, hot and humid summer is just around the corner. Speaking about the season summer, some sort of songs remind us of certain memorable moments, don’t they? This week we selected our memorable songs of summer for the theme “Memories of Summer”. Each of us has specific memories along the songs and will talk about them introducing the songs. Hope you join our fun time and enjoy it together. Here we go!!

Sugar Sugar by The Archies

Heartbreak Taiyozoku by Starbow

03.Animal/Def Leppard (1987)/Taka

04.LIFE /キマグレン(2008)/kasumi.s
LIFE by kimaguren

05.何も言えなくて…夏/J -WALK(1991)/m.sayama
Nanimo Ienakute…Natsu: I Had No Word To Say… The Summer by J-WALK

Natsu no Heroine: Heroin of Summer by Kahoko Kawai

07.Hey Boy Hey Girl/The Chemical Brothers(1999)/Taka

08.悲しい気持ち(Just a man in love)/桑田佳祐(1988)/m.sato
Kanashii Kimochi: Just a man in love by Keisuke Kuwata

Kabutomushi: Beetle by aiko

10.ムーンライトサーファー /石川セリ(1977)/ひろたか
Moonlight Surfer by Seri Ishikawa

Chigasaki ni Se wo Mukete: Turn my back on Chigasaki by Southern All Stars

8823: Hayabusa by Spitz

13.サーカス/Mr.サマータイム 2018/kasumi.s
Mr. Summertime 2018 by Circus

14. We’re An American Band/Grand Funk Railroad(1973)/m.sayama


16.Almost Paradise/Ann Wilson & Mike Reno(1984)/m.sato



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