🎶 [My Best Song 2021 in Music Salone In Japan] No.44 Songs Theme🎶2021.12.17(金)21:30~clubhouse

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This room started in March of this year. We have been enjoying various songs with different themes. This is a collection of songs that we would like to hear again, as well as the first requests of those who have participated in this room. This is the 44th time we’ve done this. We hope to enjoy it even more and more.

●3/5【空耳アワー】Somebody To Love/Queen(1976)/m.sayama(by Taa)

●3/5【空耳アワー】My Melancholy Blues/Queen(1977)/m.sayama(Requ by Taa)

●3/12【春を感じる】 She’s A Rainbow/Rolling Stones/m.sayama(Requ by mare)

●3/19【Love】木枯しに抱かれて/小泉今日子(1986)/佐藤マコト(Requ by kasumi)

●4/9 【My Driving List】Dreams/The Cranberries(1992年)/m.sayama(Requ by mare)


●4/30【夕陽Ⅱ】Friday Night Fantasy/Pierre Porte Orchestra(1985)/m.sayama(Requ by Makoto)

●5/21【My fetishism】Sweet Georgia brown/The Great Jazz Trio(2006)/m.sayama(Requ by mare)

ーTalk timeー

●5/28【My Japan City Pop】君は天然色/大滝詠一(1981)/Taka Nakazawa(FirstRequ)

●6/11【さわやか〜】化かし Hour Night/ビッケブランカVS岡崎体育(2020)/m.sayama(Requ by mare)

●6/18【私のカラオケ】Another Orion/藤井フミヤ(Fumiya Fujii)(1996)/m.sato(Requ by kasumi)


●6/18【私のカラオケ】海闊天空/BEYOND(1993)/Xiao Wu(FirstRequ)

●6/18【私のカラオケ】Golden Slumbers/Carry That Weight/Jenifer Hudson(2016)/Danielle.X(FirstRequ)

●7/2【雨】人魚/nokko(1994)/m.sato(Requ by kasumi)

ーTalk timeー

●7/9【80’s~90’s Summer】Kyrie/Mr. Mister(1986)/Taka(Requ by Makoto)

●7/16【夏の想ひ出】ムーンライトサーファー /石川セリ(1977)/ひろたか(Requ by Makoto)

●7/30【My Favorite Songs】そして僕は、途方に暮れる/大沢誉志幸(1984)/kasumi.s(Requ by mare)

●7/30【My Favorite Songs】phony/ kafu(2021)/SAKURA.s(FirstRequ)

●8/13【私の歌姫 My Diva】硝子坂/高田みづえ(1977)/Ochiai(FirstRequ)

●8/13【私の歌姫 My Diva】SWEET MEMORIES~甘い記憶~/松田聖子(2020)/Chizuru(FirstRequ)

●9/3【Last Summer Fes】若者のすべて/フジファブリック(2007)/m.sato(Requ by mare)

ーTalk timeー

●9/17【My Fevorite Sound Truck】ジーザス・クライスト・スーパースター(1973)/Taa(Requ by Makoto)
”Superstar”/Carl Anderson

●9/24【Taa ハピバ】Laughter/Official髭男dism(2021)/occhii(Requ by occhii)

●10/22【旅】ぼくらが旅に出る理由/フジファブリック(2015)/kasumi.s(Requ by Makoto)

●10/29【アニソン】海のトリトン〜GO! GO! トリトン(1972)/Wakayan(FirstRequ)

●11/12【TAKA ハビバ】おなじ星[Same Star]/Jungle Smile(1998年)/m.sato(Requ by hirotaka)

●11/12【TAKA ハビバ】のびしろ[NOBISHIRO]/Creepy Nuts(2021)/kasumi.s(Requ by TAKA)

●11/26【My Songs in a Bathtub】フラガール 虹を/照屋実穂(2016)/occhii(Requ by Makoto)
 Fra girl rainbow by Miho Teruya

●12/10【My Winter Song】粉雪/レミオロメン(2006)/狂犬(Requ by 狂犬)
Powder Snow by RemioRomen

ーTalk timeー

●Birdland/The Manhattan Transfer(1992)/Jingle Vocal Ver.(Requ by m.sayama)



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