City No69 song Theme 



Today, there is a genre of Japanese music that has been embraced by music lovers around the world: city pop. Sung in the unique language of Japanese, these pop songs did not make it to the world at the time they were written. However, with the spread of the Internet, Japanese songs are now very popular beyond language barriers.Even under such circumstances, city pop is still something that is not quite clear to us.

This time, we took that pop and brought together songs that come to mind for each of us with the keyword “city” in mind. City” conjures up images of urbanity, fashion, loneliness, hustle and bustle, and melancholy. Come on, let’s hear what everyone has in mind. Let’s listen to the song that comes to mind for each of you.


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02.Tom Waits/The Heart Of Saturday Night(1974)/m.sayama

03.What You Won’t Do for Love/Bobby Caldwell (1978)/m.sayama

04.Escape/Rupert Holmes(1979)/m.sayama

05.Sailling/Christopher Cross(1979)/m.sayama

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06.Jojo/Boz Scaggs(1980)/m.sayama

07.Hey Nineteen/ Steely Dan(1980)/m.sayama

08.In the City/Madness(1981)/m.sato

09.NO NEW YORK/BOΦWY(1982)/Occhii

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10.One Night In Bangkok /Murray Head(1984)/m.sato



13.If We Hold On Together/Diana Ross(1990)/m.sato

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14.STAY TUNE/Suchmos(2017) /kasumi.s


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今月のヘビロテ.時代遅れのRock’n’Roll Band(Full)/桑田佳祐 feat. 佐野元春, 世良公則, Char, 野口五郎 – (2022)/m.sayama



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