N0.75 Theme [Sea!] 海! 



The season of the sea has finally arrived. What kind of music do you like to listen to during the season of the sea?

I would like to hear something a little mellow and sad. On a sizzling hot summer afternoon, I would like to hear a song that cools my burning body as I sit in the shade of a tree and watch the ocean. When I was a college student, I used to mix such songs on a cassette tape and go surfing in the ocean in Chiba.
Let’s listen to the songs of the sea, each filled with everyone’s feelings.

00.OASIS Live Opening in HAYAMA /PETASHI Gloup(2022)/Mare

01.Lost In Love/Air Supply(1979)/Mare

02.Dance With Me /Earl Klugh(1979)/Mare

03.青い珊瑚礁[Blue Lagoon]/松田聖子[Seiko Mastuda](1980)/Yocchan

04.海[Sea]/サザンオールスターズ[Southern All Stars](1984)/Yocchan


05.Sea of Love/The Honeydrippers(1984)/m.sato


07.ENDLESS SUMMER NUDE/真心ブラザーズ(1997)/kasumi.s

08.Summer Nude/土岐麻子(2008)/kasumi.s




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