No.149 Piano My Song

01.Piano Man [2008 TokyoDome Live]/Billy Joel/Mare.s

02.The Way It Is/Bruce Hornsby and The Range/Mare.s

03.Grapefruit Moon/Tom Waits/Mare.s


04.Honesty/ Billy Joel(1978)/m .sato

05.Philosophy/Ben Folds Five(1995)/m .sato

06.My Memory ※韓国ドラマ『冬のソナタ』挿入曲/Ryu(2002)/m .sato



08.On My Own/Les Misérables(2012)/ayano.s

09.Merry Christmas Mr.Lawrence/坂本龍一(1983)/ayano.s


10.Waltz For Debby/Bill Evans/Mare.s

11.Sweet Georgia Brown/The Great Jazz Trio/Mare.s

12.Merry-Go-Round of Life (from Howl’s Moving Castle)/Joe Hisaishi(2004)/Mare.s


13.Night out/清塚信也/2022/(Yocchan)

14.おくりもの/合唱/m .sato

15.Allegro Cantabile ※アニメ『のだめカンタービレ』オープニング曲/SUEMITSU & THE SUEMITH(2007)/m .sato


16.The Christmas Song/Hiromi Uehara(2022)/Mare.s



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